Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Play the Music!

Who remembers the little old record players that played records? I still have the same one I got for Christmas as a little girl and it still works! Mine was blue and green, so cool! I spent hours in my room playing records and singing along.  I saved my allowance money and bought the latest singles at the Waco store and later Sky City.  I loved getting new records to listen to and I had a little wire rack that held all of them. I was so cool! I even put little plastic toys in the center of the record and watched them spin round and round.  Ah those were the days.  I later upgraded to a real stereo complete with record player and a cassette player.  I was really cool then! I would sit for hours listening to the countdowns and waiting for my favorite songs to play so I could hit the play and record button and have my very own cassette full of musical goodness! I was about 14 when I got a Walkman cassette player and I loved it!  Cassettes were still used well into my marriage, then the CDs came out and that was awesome, I loved that you could just skip to the next song or go back to the previous one without hitting forward or rewind, what a concept!  I have had many of those through the years too, and a lot were used so much they got too scratched up or broken and that made me sad.  I have never been one of those people that keeps up with the latest technology, I usually gradually work myself into the newer stuff after it has been out for a while and gets a little cheaper. When I finally got a computer about five years ago, yes five years ago, I was amazed at all of the sources for music on there and I could find all of my old favorites that I hadn't heard in forever. I bought a Kindle Fire a few years ago and wore it out and now use a Galaxy Tab and I love it, too much sometimes, but it is my little buddy.  I love watching music videos on YouTube and I have purchased music through iTunes.  Recently I was at my brother's house and my niece has a Bose Bluetooth speaker that you can use with your cell phone or tablet and play music and I had to get me one last week with my birthday money.  It is just a really small speaker but the sound quality that comes out of it is amazing! I love it! I have been carrying it all over my house and out on the porch and by the pool and as I am typing this I am listening to some very cool oldies.  Who would have ever thought we could do something like that!  It just amazes me, and it doesn't really take much to do that because I am a thrifty and simple minded person.  As long as I can relax and listen to music I am happy as can be, it just makes me feel at peace and helps me to unwind. Music takes us back to good times and even sad times and it defines part of our lives.   I am so thankful for the gift of music, all kinds, because without it life would be boring.  So turn it up and enjoy the music!!!

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