Thursday, May 28, 2015

Daddy's Golf Cart

 This time of year is a time full of memories and emotions for me and my family too.  Nine years ago my Daddy was very sick and getting worse, he was in and out of the hospital and our times were spent in the hospital room during much of that time.  He spent about two or three weeks at home in the last four months of his life, if that much.  We celebrated birthdays, graduation, Mothers Day and Fathers Day in his hospital room, we would all cram in there and sometimes take turns so it wouldn't be so crowded.  To watch your loved one decline and not get better is a very humbling experience, when all you pray for is for them to get well, to just be like they used to be.  If I could have traded places I would have.  I remember those days like they were just last week, the images and feelings imprinted on my heart forever. But my Daddy kept his smile, his sweet personality, his quiet spirit, through it all.  He was thankful for those who were taking care of him and he let them know. One of the times that he got to come home was in May and he insisted on stopping at the lot up the road from our house that had a golf cart for sale and he got out in his pajamas and socks and checked it out and he bought it and had it delivered that afternoon.  At that point he hadn't been able to go outside much because he was so weak and breathless, but he thought the golf cart would be a great way for him to get outside and ride around the yard. It was very bittersweet watching him ride around the yard in his pajamas, he even got Mama on there and they rode and he stopped and they shared a kiss and they were giggling like two teenagers.  We did get video and pictures of that day that we cherish now.  That was the only day he ever rode that golf cart, he just didn't feel like getting out there when he was at home so we parked it on the carport unless the girls rode around on it, and even after he was gone, they had a lot of fun times riding around on it. It was worth it for those few minutes of fun and laughter and to see the happy smile on his face. I imagine the huge smile he has now all the time in heaven.  He is happy and free and full of joy and peace. It really is the little things in life y'all.  It may not mean much to anyone else but when you find something that makes you happy and makes you laugh and smile, even if just for a little while, it is awesome, it is real, and it is those moments that you will never forget. 

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