Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why I love Red Birds

My Daddy was an outdoors man, he loved working in the yard and he loved and appreciated nature.  When he died almost nine years ago I was so lost without him here and I prayed for a symbol to remind me of him.  He always loved birds and so soon after I saw a red cardinal sitting in the yard and I just felt like it was him letting me know he was there.  I started seeing them more and more, everywhere I went, and it brought me so much peace in my heart.  I have had some days when I was down and worried about something and suddenly I will see a red bird somewhere or flying in front of me driving down the road and it makes me feel comforted.  On their first anniversary after he died, I was at work and I was feeling sad for Mama and had her on my mind and I looked out of the window in ICU and there were two red birds sitting on a limb, a male and a female, and it made me cry and I was amazed to see them like that on their special day.  I have a nice collection of red bird stuff too that I enjoy looking at every day and my heart is at peace knowing that my Daddy is nearby and watching over me and our family. 

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